Our Services

Carpet Care

Our system of carpet care has been carefully crafted for years to deliver a more thorough cleaning of your carpets. We call it the Triple Cleaning Process.

  1. Pre-Clean: This extracts the surface dirt and loosens the deeply entrenched soil.
  2. Deep Cleaning: This pulls that loosened soil out of the carpet.
  3. Neutralizing: This removes any soap residue that would otherwise attract more dirt to the carpet.

We Specialize in the cleaning of all kinds of carpets.

  • Commercial Carpets
  • Office Carpets

Upon request we can also sanitize your carpet!

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning may not be glamorous or easy, but it is important. With our office cleaning services:

Tile & Grout Restoration

Is your grout starting to wear and get dull? We can help with that! We can:

VCT Tile Floors

This includes all waxable floors (e.g. terrazzo). We do all the stripping and re-coating.